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"I lead a team of investigative journalists in Louisville. Between working from home

through COVID, trying to investigate the COVID response, and sending my team out for months to cover protests, 2020 was professionally draining. My spare time was often spent blankly staring at a screen. Over a few days at Owsley Fork Sanctuary, I had the space to read for pleasure, meditate, and journal--all things that weren’t possible at home. I stared instead with purpose at the beautiful view. And I felt something I hadn’t felt in months: rested and inspired.


-Kate Howard, Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, Louisville, KY


"Staying at the Owsley Fork Writers’ Sanctuary is a highlight, a bookmark, for time I spend beginning projects, or simply writing in my most ordinary times. It accommodates and nurtures that reality to stretch out in the retreat cabin, where the rustic wood carries so much memory. I get inspiration especially hearing the animals sing to the night in the surrounding farms, in staring over the valley into the lake across the way, and the pleasure of the hosts when I want human contact. One of my favorite moments was sitting on the porch in the cold, taking in the sight of the crisp constellations. I would recommend this wonderful find to any artist looking for seclusion, with the offer of new friends on hand if it is desired."  


-Manny Grimaldi, Poet, Louisville, KY


"Owsley Fork Writers’ Sanctuary is one of the most magical places in the world. The cabin is cozy, but even better is what’s just outside: some of the most magnificent and inspiring views I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible to look out at the Owsley Fork Reservoir, or beyond it to Big Hill, and not feel grateful to be there. I’ve done some of my best work here, as a poet and photographer, because of the sheer wonder of the place. It is truly a sanctuary, in all senses of the word."


-Kevin Nance, Poet, Journalist, Photographer, Lexington, KY



"Perched on the side of pinnacles and at the soaring altitude of hawks, it’s easy to enter a creative headspace at the Owsley Fork Sanctuary. There are plenty of options for comfortable workspaces inside, or outside on some incredible hiking trails. Linda and Coleman are great hosts, available to make your stay as cozy as possible. Unbelievable views make waking up sipping coffee on the front porch an unforgettable experience."


-Dustin Cecil, Visual artist, Broommaker. Poet, Olive Hill, KY

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